“Ranveer Singh Takes Huge Fashion Risks Which I Like” – Sexy Lauren Gottlieb Discusses Men’s Fashion

Dancer Lauren Gottlieb has been on Indian shores only for a few years but she’s already racked up a huge fan following and has legions of male admirers who breathlessly follow her sensuous moves.

We speak to the petite lady about what she finds appealing about the way Indian men dress and also ask her to share a few style tips.

Lauren Gottlieb
Lauren Gottlieb

His Style Closet: Since you have numerous male fans and followers, what do you think about the way the average Indian man dresses?

Lauren Gottlieb: I feel the average Indian man is very fashionable. Like right now, there is a hairstyle which is trendy where they have longer hair on one side and shave closer to the scalp on the other, and I’ve seen many men carrying it off perfectly.

Indian men are definitely getting more style conscious and are going in for a more “put-together” look. They used to dress more casual, but now everybody wants to dress to impress.

HSC: Do you think Indian men look better in Indian wear or a t’shirt and jeans?

LG: I love guys in a good pair of jeans and a tee. I love the effortless, not-trying-too-hard look. Maybe because it’s I’m from abroad.

HSC: What would you expect the man to wear if you were going on a blind date?

LG: Definitely not jeans and a tee (laughs). If I’m going to wear a nice dress and take the effort to look good, I would expect the same from him. It’s not like he’d have to wear a black suit. But he’d definitely need to dress sexy.

HSC: Which personality from Bollywood would you like to give a make-over to because of his terrible sense of style?

LG: Hmmm…good question….I don’t know. All the Bollywood stars are just killing it style wise!

HSC: So you’ve never heard of Govinda?

LG: Hahaha. Ok. Govinda could use some syling, yeah! I think Govinda and his dance moves are so iconic but his style could do with a bit of a make-over.

HSC: Then who do you think are the best dressed Bollywood personalities?

LG: Ranveer Singh is super fashionable, he’s taking huge risks, which is nice.

Ranveer Singh
Ranveer Singh

Ranbir Kapoor is fashionable. Shahid Kapoor is fashionable. They all look so international when they dress up.

Ranbir Kapoor
Ranbir Kapoor (Pix courtesy: John Player clothing)
Shahid Kapoor
Shahid Kapoor

HSC: Please share a few style tips for our male readers.

LG: Don’t look unshaved, unkempt. Always be well groomed. I like the effortless look where it doesn’t seem like a man is trying too hard.

Ranjit Rodricks is leading and well-known fashion editor who has not only lived, loved and breathed style for over two decades but has also worked closely with the best in the fashion business.