His Style Closet is happy to give away a bottle of Roberto Cavalli Uomo Silver Essence to one lucky winner of our Christmas contest.

Roberto Cavalli Uomo Silver Essence
Roberto Cavalli Uomo Silver Essence

In 2016, a new fragrance enriched Roberto Cavalli’s universe. Infused with a sense of chic and a rock and roll attitude, Roberto Cavalli Uomo unveiled a new facet of the glamorous Italian fashion house. To celebrate the success of this trend-setting perfume, Roberto Cavalli launches an exclusive limited edition, Roberto Cavalli Uomo Silver Essence.

True to the spirit and inspiration of the Roberto Cavalli Uomo line, Uomo Silver Essence fully embraces its conception of life.

This woody oriental fragrance was designed by master perfumer Christophe Raynaud. For this limited edition, the creator of the original Roberto Cavalli Uomo conceived a vibrant and addictive scent that seamlessly blends timeless Italian elegance and irreverence.

Roberto Cavalli Uomo Silver Essence opens with a striking duo of cardamom and ginger. Highlighted by a vibrant note of green violet leaves, this fascinating prelude instantly captures the attention. Gradually, it fades into a generous heart of precious orris notes. Luxurious and seductive, the scent of orris is punctuated by a bright aromatic counterpoint of lavender and geranium.

The fragrance closes on sensual notes of tonka bean and vetiver that bring uncompromisingly male strength and potency to this sophisticated perfume. A subtle oriental resonance is elegantly highlighted by powerful undertones of patchouli and the scent of oakmoss.

Even the iconic Roberto Cavalli Uomo Silver Essence’s bottle will not go unnoticed. The bold square shape and heavy glass, stand for a fully embraced masculinity. A tribute to Roberto Cavalli’s famous animal prints, the crocodile scales running on each side of the bottle symbolize the feral grace of a man in touch with his true nature.

The sides of the carton box are adorned with a matching pattern of crocodile scales. Its sober, metallic-silver finish is a token of masculinity and sophistication.

Roberto Cavalli’s golden logo and dark silver monogram proudly sign this resolutely modern and stylish packaging.

Roberto Cavalli Uomo Silver Essence
Roberto Cavalli Uomo Silver Essence

To win a bottle of this fabulous perfume for yourself or a loved one, all you need to do is:

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5) Contest closes on December 8th at 6pm.

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7) Contest open to residents of India ONLY.

8) Ladies can win the perfume to gift to their favourite man.

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  • It was not a perfume, per say, but a Eau de Cologne rather.

    We lived in Kochi for a good ten years and the house we lived in had this cashew nut tree. It was fun playing around the tree and climbing it. In fact, my cousins and I had a wonderful time there too. The tree always smelt sweet and it was a pleasant feeling. Later, I had to move to different cities owing to my job. I am not much of a perfume user. In fact, never thought of buying one for myself. One day, a friend gifted me ‘Aspen for men by Coty’. And I must tell you, one spray of it and it took me back, in a very filmy way, to the then home in Kochi, and esp that cashew tree. Whoa. The perfume made me nostalgic. It was mildly sweet and smelt like cashew. What can I say, my first ever perfume was linked to so many sweet childhood memories.

  • My 1st memory of a perfume is Charlie! Was a rage back then in 70 ‘s. Takes me back to when I was 10 yes old… gosh innocence, freshness , no worries in the world live laugh love ! Wish i could relive those moments! Precious moments!

  • We used to live in a town, ~100kms from Hyderabad. I always wanted to visit Charminar, shop a lot around it and mainly wanted to buy the famous ittar from the surrounding areas. Visiting the City of Pearls was a dream come true. I inquired and reached the area where ittar was sold. I must tell you, I was a little spellbound to see so many shops and wondered which one to visit. I did ‘Eeni, meeni, maini, mo’ in my head and went to a shop. An old aged man was sitting at the counter. I hesitantly asked him to show ittars to me and he asked me what fragrance would I prefer. That dumb me mumbled something and I guess I put a blank face too. Chichcha, as they are usually addressed, asked me if it were my first time. I was a little embarrassed and nodded my head. He smiled and he started dabbing one ittar after the other on my wrists and gave enough time for me to select one. Yes, I was happy like a kid playing with his new toys and also confused as to which one to buy. After a while, I said to myself, I’ll buy these and bought myself two bottles of ‘Pahadi Phool’ and a bottle of ‘Gulzar’. It felt so nice. Just so nice. And by the way, did I tell you that I was just fourteen years then.

    I did get a chance to buy many perfumes, ittars later in my life but those first three bottles are always special to me.

  • My first perfume memory is from my mom. Whenever she would get ready the whole house would be floating with a nice sweet smell … And I would always want to run and hug her so that some that nice aroma is rubbed on to me too… My love for perfumes has definitely come from her!!

    • CONGRATULATIONS Poshya. You WIN a bottle of Roberto Cavalli Uomo Silver Essence for your lovely comment on your first perfume memory. Please send us your address and phone number on so that we can courier it to you. Happy Christmas.

  • Well it’s not my first but my most memorable perfume memory is Blue jeans Versace gifted to me by a very dear friend and u know who u r;))

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