EXCLUSIVE: Sahil Salathia Enlists the Must-Have Essentials for the Single Traveller

Being a travel enthusiast who clocks up air miles as much as the captain of a passenger aircraft, actor and model Sahil Salathia is glad to be able to share his travel essentials with you all and we hope it helps you in one way or the other!

Says Sahil, “Firstly, I want to start by asking you to please “Keep it light!” When I say, light, I don’t mean head out unprepared but at least keep a check on the weight you are going to be carrying. When you head out to explore a new place, you should not have to move around with heavy, extra baggage that is just going to hold you back.

1) Other than your basic travel documents like your passport and your air tickets, I suggest you carry a travel pillow and ear plugs. I always do because they come in handy and keep you comfortable. In fact, I have a little collection of travel pillows, I mean, who does that? I am kinda silly that way.

2) If you like to read, please carry a book by your favourite author to keep you entertained during flight / train delays, for in-flight / train reading and when you have long stop-overs to contend with. I travel solo quite a bit and a book always makes me feel like I have this amazing companion with me that helps me travel into another world while I’m already in this new space. It doubles the pleasure, see!

3) Pack your clothes according to the weather your destination has to offer. This year, I had a bag of shorts and tee shirts thrown in with my swimming trunks for my trip to Bali. I also put in a mix of formals for dinning out and casual tees for the day. For my Dubai trip last month, I carried a mix of ganjis considering how hot Dubai gets in the day along with interesting summer coats for the night considering how posh Dubai gets at night. A lot of lounges and clubs have a strict dress code policy so you need to be prepared.

4) I am a complete shoe person and own quite a few pairs. But when I am travelling, I like to carry maximum three pairs considering they take a lot of space in my travel luggage.

5) Toiletries are a must as well but to be honest, I am a very basic guy when it comes to lotions and potions. My toiletry bag is almost empty but hey, before you judge me, let me mention that I carry a toothbrush, my shaving kit, deodorant and my face wash. Simple! Basic hygiene is all I need. But if you’re heading to a tropical climate, don’t forget to carry your sunscreen and your sunburn relief.

6) Always carry your favourite perfume along to smell good, considering with all the travel and the movement, you would not be a pleasure to be around otherwise! I swear by Paco Rabanne these days.

7) If you enjoy driving or riding, carry your license. I have an international driver’s license, so, I always always carry it. Driving around in a new country is always an added advantage and you get to see and experience so much more than when you fly from one close destination to another.

8) I also carry a Swiss army knife as if I am on some mission. You never know when you will need to use it in an emergency, or otherwise.

And on that note, happy travelling, happy exploring and I hope to bump into you on my next big adventure!”

Ranjit Rodricks is leading and well-known fashion editor who has not only lived, loved and breathed style for over two decades but has also worked closely with the best in the fashion business.