Keith Sequeira

“Own Your Style!” – Actor & Model Keith Sequeira Reveals his Fashion Do’s & Dont’s

Keith Sequeira
Keith Sequeira

Amiable and dashingly good looking, Keith Sequeira, is a popular face on Indian television screens. He has anchored a show on AXN called MEN 2.0, acted in a telefilm called Teri Meri Love Stories on Star Plus, hosted Club Class on VH1 (which involved talking to the top young entrepreneurs in the country)  and even the famed Super Fight League on Star Sports.

And if that’s not enough, Keith has been the face of many famous brands like Raymonds, Peter England, Godrej, Dabur Honey and Maruti cars.

In an exclusive Q&A, Keith throws open is closet and discusses his fashion fundas with us.

Keith Sequeira
Keith Sequeira

His Style Closet: How do you define your personal style and what kind of clothes are you most comfortable wearing?

Keith Sequeira: That totally depends on the occasion and the weather. If I’m going out with a purpose, I like to bring a “natural style” to everything I wear. From from sleek silhouettes or suits to rugged, masculine ensembles, my second skin should never appear as though I’m trying!

HSC: How do you accessorize your self?

KS: I love to wear bracelets made of leather or natural fibres. I usually stick to basic tones like worn out browns or black. In fact, my favourite bracelet is one a friend picked up for me from Africa. It is made of cured elephant hair and it is said that the spirit of the elephant protects the person wearing it. I’m also into wearing rings with a vintage look.

HSC: What is your style fetish?

KS: Very occasionally, I’ll wear military pants and boots with a comfortable white or olive green round neck t-shirt.

Keith Sequeira
Keith Sequeira

HSC: Are you brand conscious? What are the brands you prefer to shop at?

KS: I’m not into any specific brands. But when it comes to buying timeless, basic pieces like a white or black shirt or a suit, it is always important to buy these from a good fashion house. This will ensure a good cut and fit and quality that will last. I find that a bespoke suit always works for me.

HSC: What is the one item of clothing and one accessory that you would NEVER wear and why?

KS: Shredded jeans … There’s a reason why they are “shredded” lol ….Chuck them in the bin. As for accessory, I would never wear a hairband  because I have short hair and that would look ridiculous.

HSC: How long does it take you to dress for a Page 3 event?

KS: Half an hour – including a shower, that is!

HSC: Which is your favourite perfume and why?

KS: Gucci Pour Homme by Gucci because it has that sophisticated, warm fragrance and the ladies really like to dig into it.

HSC: What has been your most embarrassing fashion moment?

KS: I was in my very early teens and wore these really tight trunks to a pool to show off my gym-worked body. I saw a really beautiful woman and… errr…someone decided to do his own thing…! So I quickly reached for a towel and wrapped it around my waist. But that someone still “showed up.”

HSC: Tell us a bit about your fitness regimen.

KS: I like to mix things up between the gym and functional and sometimes I enjoy outdoorsy stuff with friends. Also it’s important to eat healthy and keep a good positive happy mind set. It’s important to balance body mind and soul.

Keith Sequeira
Keith Sequeira

HSC: Please share three of your style tips with our readers. 

KS: 1) Always remember to choose style and quality over cheap fashion. Style is eternal!
2) It’s ok to be slightly over dressed but never shabbily turned out.
3) Own your sense of style . Its fine to take cues but never mimic someone else’s (celebrities) wardrobe.

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Ranjit Rodricks is leading and well-known fashion editor who has not only lived, loved and breathed style for over two decades but has also worked closely with the best in the fashion business.