What Were the Hits & Misses at LFW:M in London? Nakul LP Reveals All!

London-based model and actor, Nakul LP, gives us an exclusive lowdown on the recent London Fashion Week: Men’s collections. Here’s what he suggests you should invest in for Fall / Winter 2017

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London Fashion Week: Mens, was something I was very excited for. I love going to the shows and eyeing up my gear for the year ahead. Throughout the collections, I saw things I really want, things I never want and things I question the existence of (more on that later).

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The Bobby Abley AW17 collection (above) has to be one of my favourites due to the fact that I love anything that is remotely 90’s. Probably one of the best eras, maybe because it’s when I was growing up.

Power Rangers themes are always winners in my eyes, maybe that’s why I’m slightly biased towards this collection, the sweatshirts will be perfect for my winter wardrobe.

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The Phoebe English (above) and Topman (below) collections were interesting. I felt there were things I would love and some things I’d hate, it was a little hit and miss.

I always look forward to the Topman collection. Having been a big fan in my early teens, I’ve had mixed feelings on their collections over the years so they always intrigue me as to what kind of emotion they’re going to extract from me on the given occasion.

One of my favourites was the Kent & Curwen collection. With green being the general theme of their collection and with green/camp/military all being in trend, they fit the bill for what’s ideal for 2017.

On a side note, David Beckham bought into a slice of the company, showing his faith in the brand. David Beckham has always been one of my style icons and the fact that he is a big endorser of Kent & Curwen, that only confirms how appealing the brand is.

Ironically, I was a fan of the Kent & Curwen gear before I found out Beckham had anything to do with it. If I could describe the Kent & Curwen collection in one word, it would be “Sophisticated!”

David and Brooklyn attends the launch of the #KentandCurwen collection #LFWM #Davidbeckham #brooklynbeckham

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Back to the whole camp/military theme that’s very in trend these days, I think that’s why I’m in love with the Maharishi collection. Camo is all too common these days so I feel designers have to get it right, it’s a hard thing to do but it’s something Maharishi achieved last year and continue to do so this year.

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Some shows are outrageous, bold and beautiful. Others however, are outrageous, bold and completely pointless, which is what could be said about a few of the shows at LFWM.

An "outfit" at the MAN fashion show at LFWM
An “outfit” at the MAN fashion show at LFWM
An "outfit" at the MAN fashion show at LFWM
An “outfit” at the MAN fashion show at LFWM

I’m all for outlandish, out of the box styles and exhibitions but I’m not a fan of absurdity for the sake of absurdity.

Absurdity with a point is something I dig. But unfortunately, I felt there were a few collections that were being different for the sake of getting people talking rather than actually having any depth and meaning to what they represent.

When I see a fashion show and a new collection, I like to see different ideas and inspirations represented in different styles and formats with clothing that reflects the core ideas. I don’t really think many shows at LFWM managed to achieve that however the few that did manage that, the likes of Bobby Abley, Maharishi & Kent & Curwen were spot on.

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