Bar. Food. Vibes. Get All This & More at Um Doiss Tres

A 90-cover elegant dining space with modern decor, soothing colour scheme and comfortable furnishings adjoining a panoramic stylish bar – Um Doiss Tres is now open to all.

Stylish cocktails at Um Doiss Tres

Two weeks ago, I was grateful to have an epic birthday party hosted for me by the lovely folks behind Um Doiss Tres in Lokhandwala Complex, Mumbai.

It was a sneak preview of things to come.

Now, Um Doiss Tres is open to the public from 5pm to 1.30am.

Curated European delicacies at Um Doiss Tres

Celebrated hospitality experts Roy Edwin, Natacha De Sa, Naveen Kotyankar and Chef Xavier Fernandes have put together a divine menu which boasts of large and satisfying portions of Modern European food which is a tasteful mix of Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Mediterranean cuisines.

Curated European delicacies at Um Doiss Tres

Chef Xavier Fernandes, Consultant Chef says, “New World cuisine is so diverse with a basis in regional traditions and geographic influences on farming. So we wanted to create fascinating culinary experiences to give our guests an opportunity to explore local cuisines of the New World regions. Um Doiss Tres is committed to serve real good food, while keeping our offerings  affordable for everyone. No compromises made, ensuring the use of well-sourced, seasonal and artisan ingredients.”

The bar at Um Doiss Tres

What’s more is that the long, panoramic stylish bar, provides a vantage point for people watching, live sporting events. In fact, the bar menu is designed by famed mixologist and bar consultant, Naveen Kotyankar. It comprises traditional cocktails whipped with a modern twist, sassy sangrias, premium liqueurs and a wide selection of refreshing mocktails. The bar menu is carefully crafted to perfectly complement the food.

Stylish cocktails at Um Doiss Tres

Signature cocktails include Black Grape & Berry Mojito, Bitter Orange Martini, Honeydew Melon Sangria (Features as Sangria Bianco on the menu), Sour apple Martini and Malta & Cranberry Caiprojca.

Um Doiss Tres sets the desired ambiance for a sociable and relaxed evening.

For bookings: +91 8452-833040

Ranjit Rodricks is leading and well-known fashion editor who has not only lived, loved and breathed style for over two decades but has also worked closely with the best in the fashion business.