Lord of the Drinks

Will Delhi’s Famous Lord Of The Drinks Rule Over Mumbai’s Night life? Our Review:

Lord Of The Drinks is a spectacular 8,500 square feet lounge, spread across two levels. It has an extensive bar menu and innovative food options.

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When you step into Andheri’s newest watering hole – Lord Of The Drinks – you half expect to be transported to a world imagined by JRR Tolkien. And quite frankly, we weren’t disappointed.

Having made quite a name for itself in Delhi with five outlets, this (almost) futuristic looking restaurant / lounge bar has now opened up near Lokhandwala Complex in a by-lane which is thankfully off the hustle and bustle of New Link Road.

As you enter, you’re immediately seduced by the soft lighting and as your eyes slowly adjust to this, you realise that the chandeliers are fashioned from table fans, oxygen cylinders and UFO-looking blown glass. The quasi steampunk theme is what makes this space a novelty. In fact, even the plates from which you eat off  are in bright hues (which unfortunately can’t be made out in the dim light) and have grinning, headphone-wearing skulls on them.

Chandeliers at Lord Of The Drinks
Chandeliers at Lord Of The Drinks
An installation of the plates you eat off
An installation of the plates you eat off

Spread over two levels and covering 8500 square feet, the upper level has an interesting art installation hanging from the ceiling and comprises of wind chimes, wooden birds, mirrors and light bulbs.

Clearly, a lot of thought has gone into the decor for this venue and the interior designer has done a fab job.

To say that the alcohol and drinks menu is vast would be an understatement. When we were handed the carte to order or drinks, we had a hard time deciding on what we’d like to try out. After much deliberation, we ordered the Mumbai Tea which is a concoction of vodka, Kahlua, orange liqueur, apple juice and cinnamon tea. It was served to us in a flat-bottomed glass kettle with a cutting-chai glass with a slice of orange peel inside, to drink it from.

Needless to add, the cold Mumbai Tea was extremely refreshing and we could have definitely indulged in a couple of more rounds.

Lord Of The Drinks offers a vast menu of potent cocktails
Lord Of The Drinks offers a vast menu of potent cocktails

Next, we ordered the Old Life which had a whisky base and was flavoured with homemade bitters and Campari. But what made this cocktail unusual was that the drink was smoked with Rosemary and brought to our table under a bell jar.

Once the flavour of the smoked Rosemary was sufficiently fused with the alcohol mix, the waiter removed the bell jar with a flourish and we immediately knew why this drink was called Old Life.

It actually had an aroma which brought back memories of a time long past and made you wish you were sipping it on the veranda of your farmhouse instead of at a lounge bar in the smokey city of Mumbai.

When you don’t smoke but your #cocktails does…… 🍸🍸🍸 #LordOfTheDrinks #Mumbai

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And finally, we couldn’t resist trying out the basil martini which was mixed to perfection and garnished with a sprig of Basil. But it was the dry-ice in the glass that had it smoking a cool vapour as we sipped it with our yummy food (video above).

The food menu has more going for it where starters and finger foods are concerned, than in the main course. We opted to satiate our taste buds with crispy fried prawns (which were finger licking good), fish tikka (a bit too salty), a variation of the Canadian favourite Poutine (french fries dunked in melted cheese and garnished with bacon) and prawn dimsums.

Starters and more at Lord Of The Drinks
Starters and more at Lord Of The Drinks

However, it was the Kochi Boeuf chilli fry with Malabar paratha that had us salivating into our plates. This beef variation is exquisitely fried with curry leaves and hint of fiery mustard and was served to us on a vintage-style steam engine. No kidding! In fact, all the dishes were served in an innovative style. For instance, the poutine was served in a gardening spade and the dessert (chocolate brownie with ice cream) was served in a dish shaped like the palm of a hand.

LOTD is a super place to check out if you like innovation. The decor, the bar menu and some of the food options (like the fennel and chorizo pizza or the chicken Chettinad pizza which is a combination of herbed chicken Chettinad baked onto a freshly made malabar paratha) are worth the experience. But since the prices are a tad on the higher side, this might be one of those places you’ll visit primarily on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and the like.

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