Davidoff Cool Water & National Geographic Want YOU to Protect the Ocean

Love The Ocean Campaign

For the fourth consecutive year, Davidoff Cool Water has joined forces with the National Geographic Society to support their Pristine Seas project.

Pristine Seas’ objective is to identify, study and protect fragile marine ecosystems across the world.

2014 marked a resounding success for Pristine Seas. Influenced by the 2012 Pristine Seas expedition in Gabon, the country’s leader, President Ali Bongo Ondimba, announced the creation of a huge new marine sanctuary. Encompassing more than 46,000 square kilometers of ocean, the sanctuary represents no less than Twenty-Three percent of Gabon’s territorial waters. This reserve will be home to more than twenty varieties of sharks and rays, including several endangered species. In addition, last year Davidoff Cool Water’s support enabled Pristine Seas to undertake three missions to Mozambique, Palau and Rapa Iti.

The Pristine Seas team carried out comprehensive assessments of marine life in each of the three locations, opening the door for the creation of future marine protected areas. In March 2015, Pristine Seas kicked off its next mission to the outer Seychelles islands as part of its ongoing ocean discovery and protection efforts.

To celebrate Pristine Seas’ past achievements and to pave the way for future endeavors, Davidoff Cool Water has launched a new #LoveTheOcean campaign. For each Davidoff Cool Water bottle sold, Davidoff Parfums helps to protect 10,000 square meters of ocean.

The limited edition of Davidoff Cool Water bottles features an exclusive neoprene bottle sleeve in ocean blue with a vivid green zipper, evoking the wetsuits worn by Pristine Seas explorers on their groundbreaking missions.

Scott Eastwood for Davidoff Cool Water
Scott Eastwood for Davidoff Cool Water

Davidoff Cool Water’s new spokesman, American actor Scott Eastwood, will be actively involved in the #LoveTheOcean campaign. A surfing enthusiast, swimmer and ocean lover, Eastwood has always been passionate about the protection of the marine environment.

To support Love the Ocean and increase public awareness about the threats facing our oceans, a worldwide multi-platform advertising campaign has been launched with a digital activation supported on and with the #lovetheocean hashtag.

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