Keep It Real & Raw with India’s Newest Range of Grooming Solutions for Men

When was the last time you lathered a shampoo with real green volcanic clay, into your hair? Or a used a body wash with malt, pepper and vanilla? RAW NATURE wants you to #KeepItReal

Red volcanic clay face wash by Raw Nature
Red volcanic clay face wash by Raw Nature

While the women’s beauty and grooming industry is saturated with products of various qualities and price points, the market for men’s grooming products in India is still miniscule in comparison and Indian men usually opt for foreign brands when they shop for their grooming and daily care essentials.

But with the recent launch of RAW NATURE – an exquisite and intelligently-curated vegan brand with high-performance, botanical and safe grooming formulations for men, Indian men now have the option of shopping for the very best skin, hair and body care products at just the click of a button.

Says Sangita Desai, Co-Founder of Raw Nature, “RAW NATURE successfully addresses two gaping holes in the domestic men’s grooming market – the first being the lack of emphasis on safety in men’s personal care products and the second being the absence of grooming solutions for men’s skin and hair concerns which are specifically tailored to India’s tropical climatic conditions.”

Packed with especially imported natural extracts, essential oils and bio-actives tested rigorously for maximum safety and efficacy, RAW NATURE’s product portfolio covers the entire gamut of men’s specific face, skin, shower, beard, hair and for the first time in India, men’s hitherto under-addressed below-the-belt needs.

Citrodora & Clarysage hair oil by RAW NATURE
Citrodora & Clarysage hair oil by RAW NATURE

The brand focuses specifically on addressing the ways climate, environment, and stress affect men’s skin and hair in India.

Marquee products include Coffee Bean Beard Oil that stimulates beard growth, Activated Charcoal & Quinoa
Face Wash for deep cleansing, Volcanic Gold Clay Body Wash and hair wax made with Sunflower wax.

Their mineral-rich volcanic clay range (red, green and gold clay) offer deep cleansing while the Below-The-Belt range efficiently battles painful inner thigh friction with its Chamois Cream, Chafing Ease Cream and Friction Defense Talc Spray in a completely safe manner.

Coffee Bean Beard Oil by RAW NATURE
Coffee Bean Beard Oil by RAW NATURE

In a refreshing change, RAW NATURE products differentiate themselves through what they have left out – all their
products are cruelty-free and devoid of SLS, SLES, parabens, MEA, TEA, DEA, ethoxylates, phthalates,
artificial colors, and synthetic fragrances, making them the safest in the market for not just our skin and hair,
but also the environment.

Mohit Saxena, Co-Founder of RAW NATURE shares, “The grooming industry is undergoing a sea change with the rise of an informed, conscious customer in an era of convenience. In launching RAW NATURE, we have created a product line we wholeheartedly trust using on ourselves and our families. We have also built a powerful auto-replenishment engine for today’s busy men – the product will be shipped to you right before it runs out. This convenience coupled with a lifetime of privileged treatment should also influence the way people consume this category.”

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