Modern Industrial Art Inspires Dhruv Vaish’s Menswear for Fall 2019

The collection is an amalgamation of geometric prints, textures and slick solids.

Menswear by Dhruv Vaish for Fall 2019

While designers across the globe are experimenting with androgynous and gender-fluid silhouettes for men, New Delhi based designer Dhruv Vaish, prefers that his male clientelle looks like, well MEN!

At his recent showing in India’s Capital city, Dhruv sent out his models in structured, yet easy going and refined sillouttes.

Menswear by Dhruv Vaish for Fall 2019

In keeping with the gleam of metal, Dhruv has liberally used satin to bring forth an alternate dimension. But if the sheen of satin is too much for you, there are more conventional choices where the glitzy fabric has been juxtaposed with very earthy handloom cottons in contrasting hues of dark navy, purples, browns alongside vibrant yellows.

Menswear by Dhruv Vaish for Fall 2019

Smart Bombers, long coats, double layered jackets, high wasted pants and woven T-Shirts made for a perfect blend of tailoring and casual.

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