10 Easy Steps to Fabulous Skin this Winter – by Clint Fernandes

With the dry, winter season upon us, leading makeup artist and grooming expert, Clint Fernandes, shares his secrets to making your skin look good till spring sets in.

Clint Fernandes
Clint Fernandes

Most people tend to take care of only the skin on their face and neglect the rest of their body. However, to have healthy skin during the dry winter months, one must look at taking care of the skin all over their body as well. This includes your hands, feet and scalp.

Here are ten tips from Clint Fernandes which guarantee you will look good and feel great well into 2019.

MOISTURISER: The most important secret would be to use a moisturiser, for the face as well as a body butter for your arms legs and torso. One should not forget knees and elbows. This should be done post shower as well as at night before bedtime.

SUNSCREEN: One should use a sunscreen when going out during the day and not forget that even though its winter, the sun and pollution is still out there.

Moisturise your face for a glowing look
(Model: Ayush Padukone Srivastava)

HAND CREAM: Even though this may seem a bit fussy and feminine, one should use a hand cream and cuticle cream at least once every two days. This prevents the skin around the nails to feather and the skin from becoming flaky.

FOOT SCRUB: A good heel and foot scrub to slough away dead skin is absolutely necessary. Follow it up by rubbing cream daily at least once a day (if not twice) to keep your skin from flaking and drying.

FACE SCRUB: A face and body scrub is also a winter essential. Without scrubbing your face least once a week so as to exfoliate and remove dead skin, your skin will look dull and lifeless.

Use a face scrub for fresh looking skin.
(Model: Manjeet Singh)

BEARD OIL: Those with a beard should use a beard oil regularly to prevent it from becoming too hard and rough. It also protects and skin underneath and prevents it from becoming scaly. A beard wax is also helpful to keep the beard well groomed.

CONDITIONER: One should not forget hair care during winter months and use a conditioner. Using a leave-in conditioner before styling and grooming the hair is also beneficial in preventing dandruff during the dry months.

LIP BALM: This may sound like something only a girl would use. But lip balm is important for men too (especially smokers) and should be applied regularly to prevent chapped and cracked lips. Getting one with an SPF is even better.

Don’t forget lip balm.
(Model: Karan Tacker)

DIET: One should not forget a good diet during these months, having healthy oils is a must for great skin and hair. A nut rich diet of almonds and walnuts is good. Include fish oils or flax seed oils too. And don’t forget those all important green veggies and sprouts.

EXERCISE: A brisk walk, gym workout or a run helps you sweat, releasing much needed oils to rehydrate your skin and eliminating toxins. So try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise in a day to keep your skin glowing.

Diet & exercise ensure fabulous skin. (Model: Shahid Kapoor)
Diet & exercise ensure fabulous skin.
(Model: Shahid Kapoor)

Ranjit Rodricks is leading and well-known fashion editor who has not only lived, loved and breathed style for over two decades but has also worked closely with the best in the fashion business.


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